Living by our ethical compass

How we find the right direction

The Live by our Compass programme provides detailed guidance on ethical behaviour and emphasises the importance of integrity at all levels of our organisation.

As we go about passionately brewing our beer, we put huge effort into conducting our global business with the fullest integrity. Nevertheless, we are continually seeking to improve our compliance culture and to actively promote high ethical standards in our employees. 

We all understand that we need to follow a common ethical compass. The Live by our Compass programme is an important part of our  winning culture. Live by our Compass provides detailed guidance on ethical behaviour and emphasises the importance of integrity at all levels of our organisation. 

Acting with integrity - the Code of Ethics & Conduct

Our Code of Ethics & Conduct help our employees around the world to make the right choices and to act appropriately in response to ethical dilemmas in their daily work. The code has been translated into 29 Group languages and applies for all employees.

The Code of Ethics & Conduct is extensive but not exhaustive, so it does not address every possible situation. We therefore expect our employees to exercise sound judgement in their decision-making in order to adhere to the highest ethical standards.


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Policies and Manuals

We have clear policies in place, effective for the management, employees and contract workers of all entities in the Carlsberg Group. The policies include but are not limited to Labour & Human Rights, Anti-Bribery & Corruption, Competition Law and Environment.

The policies provide central direction, mitigate key company risks and underscore the behaviour expected of employees. 

In order for employees to have easy access to our 29 policies and 200+ manuals, we have a single online platform covering all codes, policies and manuals, accompanied by a comprehensive communications package.


Speaking up in the Carlsberg Group

We encourage our employees to speak up if they believe our codes or policies have been violated.

We enable and support our employees in voicing compliance concerns. If they believe that our codes, policies or other relevant regulations have been breached, we encourage them to talk to their manager or compliance and HR representatives. Employees who speak up in good faith are protected, as we do not tolerate any form of retaliation against our employees for speaking up.

In exceptional circumstances, employees may report their concerns through the Speak Up system.  The Speak Up system is facilitated by an external provider and allows concerns to be brought to the attention of Group Legal and Compliance anonymously and via multiple channels.

The Speak Up system is available in most Group languages 24/7 and every report is thoroughly reviewed and, if necessary, investigated under the direction of the Chief Compliance Officer. The Integrity Committee, chaired by the CFO, oversees the follow-up of major Speak Up investigations and provides a report on this to the Audit Committee at least quarterly.

In the event of any violation of laws or our internal rules, we take the required corrective actions.

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